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Gold Phoenix Group creates stunning, clean, bold, functional and econical websites for a very wide range of business and personal needs. You can get started right away by purchasing our base 5 page website package. With over 1500 designs to begin with, which we customise with your logo, colours, content, layout and requirements, we are sure to please!


Purchase the 5 Page Base Website Set Up Package

Choose from one of our premium templates and have us customise it for your business – your layout, your colours, your logos and images.


  • Installation of WordPress on your server (web host) – we highly recommend Siteground
  • Upload and set up of the theme DIVI by Elegant Themes
  • Installation and set up of all basic required non-premium plugins
  • Up to 5 pages – typically:
    • Home
    • About
    • Contact
    • Products
    • Blog
    • (or other pages per your choice)
  • Introduction videos to help you manage your own website – keep it updated, add new content, add new blog posts
  • Up to 2 site wide revisions (we will work with you until your site is built, with content, and images – the revisions are for when you have lived with it for a week or two!)
  • Base website purchase here
Need Extra Pages?

Got you covered!

  • Each new page set up can be ordered seperately and set up with its own styling and layout as required.
  • Once you are familiar with your website we also offer video tutorials to help you manage your website yourself, including working with the powerful (and terrifically easy) DIVI layout duplication features.
  • Purchase additional pages here
Need Special Functions?


  • Memberships (We recommend DAP)
  • Learning Management (the ability to deliver courses) (again, DAP)
  • Premium Forums (we recommend WPForo)
  • Bookings 
  • Uber Eats (etc) integrations
  • Email Marketing Integrations
  • Integrations with Print On Demand

These integrations start at $500 per plugin, however can run up a little more depending upon the complexity of the requirement and the support you require to manage the functionality. The cost of the Premium Plugin IS NOT INCLUDED.

Please note – ALL FREE plugins you need are included in the base price. This includes free shopping cart plugins such as Woocommerce and free membership plugins that do not require paid memberships.

Please reach out by email for your requirements before purchasing plugins.

Purchase premium plugin setup here

Need Help?
  • We love making sure our clients are capable of managing their websites themselves.
  • However, sometimes you need help with a tricky or sticky problem.
  • We are more than happy to manage your site for you with a small monthly maintenance fee which includes updates, checking your system for faults and bugs and minor fixes.
  • If you need a major fix or more specialised help we have one off rates to help you out as well.






You need the best tools to succeed!

We recommend the best environment for your website:

Hosting – Siteground

Platform – WordPress

Theme – DIVI by Elegant Themes

We are so passionate about creating with the best tools  – we insist!

1500 Designs

We have over 1500 templates for you to choose from as a starting point for your new website. We make them personal for you with your colours, logo, images, content, functions and layouts! 

Our Work

What is Possible

There are over 1500 layouts available as a starting point for your website, these are just a few.

Click thorugh to see the landing page of each eaxample. Layouts are completely customisable, from the elements you need, the colours you want, your images and logos and of course, your content.

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