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Gold Phoenix Group by Phoenix Pohta is a one person agency that is soley focussed on creating magnificent, creative, beautiful, fucntional and economical websites for businesses and people.

We will only build on premium servers (we recomment and use Siteground) and themes (DIVI by Elegant Themes) and this ensures that your website is clean, elegant and fast!

We have built hundreds of websites and using the tools we use, the result is a streamlined process that is most economical for you!

Gold Phoenix Group

Our Services

By focusing on premium tools and simple, elegant designs we streamline our work to deliver timely, cost effective and functional websites.

Base Web Design

Our base web design is for up to five pages, including the set up of the regular free plugins, including the Woocommerce shopping cart.


We can as many pages as you need to make your site complete as well as any plugins to make your site function the way you need it too.

Special Functions

Using Premium Plugins we can turn your website into a Course Delivery site, a Forum, a Paid Membership site, a Printify site, a Cafe/Restaurant site and more.

What do you need?

You will need to have words, images and your logo ready! We will work together to create the rest!

Why We Insist On Siteground Hosting

If you want your website to work, to be secure, to have free SSL certificates, to be fast, or if you want multiple websites, Siteground is the developer’s favourite choice because it is simply the BEST. The support is excellent and it is the easiest host to set everything up for a new client.

Why We Insist On DIVI Theme

DIVI, by Elegant Themes, is a visual builder theme. It has poweful features that help build a fast website, saving the client money. The visual builder aspect of the theme helps clients to manage and update their own website – saving ongoing fees to their web designer. There are over 1500 templates availabel to get a website started quickly and easily. Each template is them fully customised to your requirements.

Why WordPress

WordPress is open source, basic and free website software that is used by around one thrid of the websites on the internet. WordPress requires themes and plugins to lend look, feel and function to the website. the choice and range of these is almost limitless.

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The best website development, using the best tools, for clean, simple, effective, economical, easy to manage websites for business and personal use.

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